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Welcome to the online home of Outpost BBS, Cheepware™ BBS doors and sysop utilities, the Micronet Information Network™, and a few other odds and ends that the BBS user and sysop might find interesting. If you don't know what a BBS is, Wikipedia has a good article about bulletin board systems.

If you'd like to connect to Outpost BBS, you can do so via your web browser (Flash and Javascript required) or via telnet at bbs.outpostbbs.net. If you don't have a good program to connect via telnet to the BBS, may I suggest Syncterm for Win32, Linux, OS X, and BSD (it's free!)?

If you're a Pascal programmer, check out the SWAG code archive available here.

If you're looking for more information about my amateur radio hobby, please visit my personal website.

Download my PGP public key here.


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